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"Volume 2" by The Two Tens comes out on Dec 2nd!

11/25/14: ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Volume 2 by The Two Tens is coming out Dec 2! That's one week from today! #NewMusic

Buzzbands LA Reviews "Scene" Video and Volume 1

After releasing two EPs of hyperkinetic power-pop, singer-guitarist Adam Bones has stripped back to the bare essentials. The Two Tens is his new two-piece with drummer Rikki Styxx, and the duo debuted last month with a three-song outing titled “Volume 1.” Nothing over-thought or overwrought here: The Two Tens serve up lightning-quick garage rock that turns the clock back to first-wave punk. The single “Scene” persistently asks “Where’s your scene?” and delivers an answer in just over two minutes: Wherever you’re keeping your old Ramones vinyl.

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Huffington Post - Exclusive Video Premiere: The Two Tens "Scene"

"Adam bleeds rock n' roll....which is my only requirement!!" - Rikki Styxx

Garage punk at its best, "Scene" is a high energy explosion of sound that hits its mark from the first outburst, making one wonder how it can possibly come from a band made up of only two people. Realizing they had the same work ethic, compatible styles and philosophy about rock n roll, The Two Tens band is the latest pairing of Adam Bones (previously of Adam Bones) on vocals and guitar, and Rikki Styxx (formerly of the Woolly Bandits) on drums, and their genius together is evident from the first crashing cymbal and mind-blowing guitar riff. Planned as four EPs named Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3 and Volume 4, respectively, releasing over the next four months and culminating on February 10th (Two Tens) as a full-length LP titled Volume, Adam Bones assures us "each EP will have its own surprises [that'll] range in style within the umbrella of... garage punk." "Scene" is the first of many video releases over the next four months from the Volume series.

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